The newest Korean Ladies Relief Area ??????? try planned inside 1919

Upon learning about the news of your own March Very first Liberty Movement inside Korea, 41 agencies of several branches of one’s Korean Women’s Connection (KWA), which was established in 1913, found for the February 15. It made a decision to regroup KWA on the Korean Reddish Get across. Although they desired to use the title “Korean Red-colored Get across”, brand new Hawaii Chapter of one’s Yellow Get across informed all of them one “Korean” couldn’t be used while the Korea wasn’t another country. Ergo, title “Korean Ladies Recovery Neighborhood (KWRS)” is actually settled up on. “Ladies” and “Women’s” was interchangeably put.

  1. To assist people who was wounded for the February Basic Freedom Movement and those who was in fact wounded from the persisted fight to own independence, and you will
  2. To maintain genuine Korean ladies’ profile, chastity and you will etiquette.

Having special events, KWRS professionals dressed in white old-fashioned Korean garments (hanbok) and you will wore white headgear that have a reddish cross. This new red-colored get across is actually KWRS’s signal. KWRS’s banner and you may subscription certificate drill a red cross.

Images of an associate throughout the Korean Ladies’ (Ladies) Relief People KWRS banner “discovered” from the Korean Christian Church’s storage in the mid-eighties Registration certification of your own Korean Ladies (Ladies) Rescue People (1) Membership certificate of the Korean Ladies’ (Ladies) Relief Area (2)

KWRS had the Central Panel take on administrative opportunities inside the managing certain department groups. The latest Central Committee was composed of representatives away from part organizations. Department agents must be at least twenty-two years old and ready studying and you can creating Korean and you may Chinese or Korean and you will English. Twigs had been based in the isles in addition to Main Committee is actually based in Honolulu.

Color Poster of Report out-of Liberty Acknowledgment off $five hundred in the Korean Freedom Army in Manchuria, 1921

Which have $400 obtained in the the very first conference towards March 15, KWRS launched the first fundraising passion a bit in-may otherwise Summer 1919. It tailored and printed 300 duplicates away from 24-inches x 30-inches colour prints of the Statement off Independence. On business regarding prints that have been released of the Marketer Posting Company into the Honolulu, KWRS generated an online earnings regarding $dos,000. Outside of the overall $2,400, KWRS delivered $800 toward Korean Provisional Authorities from inside the Shanghai and $step 1,500 in order to Korea to help those wounded in the February Basic Movement. Went on fundraising jobs of the KWRS managed to make it you are able to to send $five hundred to help with the latest Korean Versatility Armed forces in the Manchuria in the 1921.

Also raising funds to meet their business objectives, KWRS also advertised Korean people of the presenting audio and you can dance applications, and even presenting a traditional event. Players composed dramas from conventional Korean tales like “Hyonyeo Simcheong” (Filial Piety Simchdong) and you will “Pal Seonnyeo” (Eight Angels). KWRS staged dramas for the Honolulu plus in rural parts, along with roles starred from the users. Between serves, vocal and moving were launched. In the shape of such cultural items, KWRS were able to earn profits of solution conversion process.

That is equivalent to $cuatro million in the modern to acquire worth

The entire loans elevated by KWRS by the end off WW II was in fact projected as $2 hundred,000. To start with, the money were used to help with group whose participants sustained during the the fresh new March Very first Independence Way. As the time introduced, KWRS’ loans were used to support the Korean Provisional Regulators during the China, brand new Korean Independence Army within the Manchuria and Chungking, China, Korean-vocabulary push when you look at the Honolulu, and you may Syngman Rhee’s diplomatic endeavors during the Arizona, D.C.

The brand new KWRS’s factors to help the caretaker nation proceeded even after the end of WW II. KWRS collected certain relief merchandise and you will delivered these to Korea.

In 1947, KWRS proceeded relief points for the Korea by the committing a guarantee of $seven,000 to help you Lim Young-shin ??? to ascertain an office in Seoul. The newest $eight,000 are compiled throughout the Honolulu department ($5,400), the fresh new Wahiawa department ($1,500) and also the Hilo part ($100).

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